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Marathi Celebrities Couple Photos on the occasion of Diwali 2017.

Marathi Actress Suvarna Kale play the lead role of Chandra in upcoming Marathi film Chhand Priticha. She plays the Lavani dancer in the film. MarathiCineyug.com presents the still photos of Suvarna from the film Chhand Priticha.

Zee Marathi Awards 2017 will be telecast on Sunday, 15th October at 7pm. To have some fun, Zee Marathi also had a digital awards for some fun categories. The categories are Best Photobomber, Best Pout and Best Emoji Expression Awards. Watch the below photos.

Bollywood's famous writer-director Dilip Shukla launched Marathi Film Atrocity first look poster in a grand event in Mumbai recently. The event was attended by the film's director Deepak Kadam, producer Dr. Rajendra Padole, Artists Rishabh Padole, Pooja Jaiswal, Yatin Karyekar, Jyoti Patil, Shailesh Dhanawade, Executive producer Biru Srivastav and music director Amar Ramlaxman. The film is ready to release on 12th January 2018.

Zee Marathi Awards 2017 were presented under the theme of "Utsav Natyancha NavTarunyacha" in a colorful ceremony. Serial 'Lagira Jhala Ji' & 'Tujhyat Jiv Rangala' won maximum awards. The Awards ceremony was hosted by Sanjay Mone and Atul Parchure. All Serial's artists performed dance on various songs and Chala Hawa Yeu Dya's comedians presented the skits.

Presenting Best Dressed Beauty Photos at the Zee Marathi Awards 2017 Nominations Party.

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Maharashtra has very rich cultural heritage of folk music popularly known as Shahiri Kavan. Once upon a time this Shahiri folk music was part of every film, but slowly western music took over. Now after a long time folk Lavani will be making a comeback in Marathi film. Presented by Premala Pictures, produced by Chandrakant Jadhav and directed by N. Relekar, Marathi film Chhand Priticha will showcase the rich heritage of Maharashtra's folk music and dance to Marathi audience.

All human beings have 3 basic needs, food, cloths and shelter. 16th October is celebrated as 'World Food Day' every year. Hashtag #WorldFoodDa trended on that day on whole social media. Marathi Actress Hruta Durgule too highlighted a small but meaningful thought on the ocassion of World Food Day.

Actor, director and creative producer Adinath Kothare talks about his journey in entertainment industry, how he stumbled upon various facets of production and his most ambitious project ‘Vithu Mauli’ coming up on Star Pravah.

Gajendra Ahire has always given us meaningful cinema. With The Silence he touches the subject of crimes and abuse against women. The film has dark shades throughout the narratives and has gripping storytelling which moves back and forth in time. Primarily it is from the point of view of 3 characters, Chini, her sister Manda and their Aunt (Mami). ‘The Silence’ is an attempt to begin a conversation on the sexual abuse of women and children. It's a social theme based movie specifically addressing sexual assault of a minor by a close relative.

After watching Kaasav, you will get an idea why this film has won the Golden Lotus Best Film at 64th National Awards. The film has integrated many facets of life through animals (here the turtle), nature and human beings all from the point of view of self protection. Kaasav is the simplistic story told through cinematic excellence, through each and every frame of brilliance. The film has many hidden meanings, which will need many viewings. The director duo of Sumitra Bhave and Sunil Sukthankar has thrown light on the main topic of depression as mental disorder from many perspectives and given many solutions, accept whichever suits you.

It is hard to believe that Baapjanma is the first film of Nipun Dharmadhikari. He is the veteran on Marathi Theatre scene, but he had waited too long to enter the films and feel that he should make films regularly. Written and directed by Nipun, Baapjanma is his film. A simple story of a father-children conflict has be woven in beautiful manner taking all the liberties of cinematic presentations. More such out of the box Marathi films are needed from independent producers.

The film Biscuit is already in news due to its innovative title. Recently the makers released a teaser video which now raises the curiosity about the film.

Diwali is the festival of light, dreams, new challenges and new hopes. Rich or Poor, everyone lights atleast one lamp in their homes. This festive season celebrate Diwali with SAGARIKA MUSIC as they present a Single By Debutant Composer Suhit Abhyankar with his composition "Aali Deepawali Aali"

"Gori Gori Paan Phulasarakhi Chhan" was the song everyone has sung during their childhood years. The song now gets a new twist in the upcoming Marathi film Dry Day. The Song 'Gori Gori Paan' was recently launched on social media and received the much needed attention from the young audience.

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Colors Marathi's serial Ghadge & Suun is getting popular day by day due to the unique story and acting of the lead actors. The whole family of Ghadge is ready to celebrate Diwali with the newest member of their family, Amruta. Watch the Diwali Special Episodes of Ghadge & Suun every Monday to Saturday at 8:30 pm on Colors Marathi.

P. L. Deshpande's Vyakti Ani Valli is the collection of very unique imaginary characters. The play has staged more than 150 successful shows in the last 3 years. The play was produced by Amruta Productions and presented by Gandhar Kalasanstha & Konkan Kala Akadami. 'Vyati Ani Valli' will be now staged by children with portrayal of characters Antu Barwa, Bhau, Sakharam Gatane, Natha Kamat, Narayan etc. The play directed by Mandar Tillu will be Diwali gift for viewers.

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