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Vaajlaach Paahije - Game Ki Shinema

Vaajlaach Paahije Marathi Poster

Vaajlaach Paahije - Game Ki Shinema is a 2015 Marathi comedy-drama film directed by R.Viraj and produced by Channel U Entertainment. The film features an ensemble cast of Bhalchandra Kadam, Aarti Solanki, Chinmay Udgirkar, Girija Joshi, Rajesh Bhosale.

The film is a tribute to Dada Kondke, a famous Marathi actor and film Producer, who was known for his double entendre dialogues in his movies.

The film revolves around a struggling director, Yash (Rajesh Bhosale) and a struggling actor, Raj(Chinmay Udgirkar)(Neel of Nanda Saukhya Bhare, Marathi Serial aired on Zee Marathi) who try to cross all the hurdles to make a film and make it a big success for themselves.

The film is getting released in 141 screens all over Maharashtra with 180+ shows daily.

Sarva Kahi Priye Fakt Tujhyasathi

Sarva Kahi Priye Fakt Tujhyasathi Poster

Sarva Kahi Priye Fakt Tujhyasathi is a 2015 Marathi Romantic Love story film directed by Bhimrao Rahateand produced Vandana Rahate and distributed by Daksh Creations. The film features Bhimrao Rahate, Kavita Pawaskar, Ajita Kulkarni & Prapti Bane .

The film is Bhimrao Rahate’s own creation as he has written story, screenplay, dialogues, songs and given music to the film, not to mention he is the hero of the film. The film does not feature any big banner or any big star cast.

The film is a Romatic Drama.

The film is getting  a limited release in 15+ screens all over Maharashtra

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