Family Entertainer with little suspense.

Tu Hi Re is based on a story from tamil movie ‘Sillunu Oru Kadhal’. The movie has a Sanjay Jadhav stamp all over it, be it style or the little bit of non-linear story. It’s a complete family entertainer with lots of emotional substance. Duniyadari is the masterpiece and Sanjay Jadhav’s latest work will always be compared with Duniyadari. Though it lacks the intensity and pace of Duniyadari, Tu Hi Re stands out of its own romance, drama and unexpected twist. It shows the difference in thinking between a lover and a wife. True love wins whatever may be the difficulties or the past. The pillars of the strong marriage are love, freedom, respect, understanding and last but not the least faith (trust) in each other.


Nandini (Sai Tamhankar) is the village girl and strong believer in Love Marriage. But her father arranges her marriage to Siddharth (Swapnil Joshi), an engineer from Mumbai. Both look gloomy on their wedding day due to obvious reasons. Siddharth is drinking a lot, may be to forget something. On the wedding night, Nandini accepts the old saying that you should never question about your husband and should accept him as he is. (Nice Dialogue of ‘Prasadacha Sheera’).

The Story moves forward 8 years and the couple is having happy family life with a school going kid Pihu (Mrunal Jadhav). Siddharth and Prasad (Sushant Shelar) are good friends since college. Suddenly Siddharth meets Mr. Bhanushali (Girish Oak) who offers him a hugh money to leave Nandini. The suspense starts here.

One day when Siddharth is at office, Nandini receives some photos, which shocks her. She visits Prasad and shows a girl’s photograph to identify her, but he refuses to know her. She shows him more photographs of the girl and Siddharth having marriage, with Prasad in attendance. Prasad tells that the girl is Bhairavi, daughter of an MP Mr. Bhanushali. Siddharth met her in college and both fell in love.

Why Siddharth married Nandini even after he was married to Bhairavi? Who is trying to break the marriage of Nandini? Where is Bhairavi? Is this the start of the storm in Nadnini’s life? Who will sacrifice for love? The suspense forms, the rest of the story.

Simple story told in a most cinematic way possible. The pace is moderate and has an unexpected twist.


Sanjay Jadhav has complete faith in his leading actors, that’s why he repeats Swapnil and Sai again and again. All the actors have performed well along with the supporting cast.

Swapnil is mature as well as lovable. Special mention goes to Sai Tamhankar who has shown different shades of her acting talent as Nandini. She is bubbly, she is caring and loving, she is romantic, she is sexy and all above she is mature. She has received the Best dialogues in the movie.

Tejaswini has looked gorgeous & stylish, though her role is little bit under cooked for her talent. Sushant and Mrunal (Anu from hindi movie Drishyam) are perfect in their roles. Girish Oak is wasted with almost nothing to do.


Story is simple and has seen such love triangles in movies. Screenplay could have been tightly packed with more suspense element. Editing is ok, more blackouts between scenes could have been avoided. Music is melodious, 5 songs with different themes. ‘Tola Tola’ romantic number stands out. Direction by Sanjay Jadhav is excellent. To turn a simple story in a cinematic experience is awesome.


Tu Hi Re, is the complete family package. I will give an extra half star for Sai’s acting and her fans will be elated. It should do well at box office as there is no other strong contender this week.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Tu Hi Re

REALEASE DATE: 4th Sept 2015

CAST: Swapnil Joshi, Sai Tamhankar, Tejaswini Pandit, Sushant Shelar, Mrunal Jadhav, Girish Oak

DIRECTION: Sanjay Jadhav

MUSIC: Amitraj and Pankaj Padgham & Shashank Powar

GENRE: Romance / Suspense

DURATION: 2 hours 18 minutes

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