‘Daagdi Chaawl’ is an out and out commercial movie, made to entertain the viewers.

Chandrant Kanse had directed the movie well, with backdrop of 1996 era of Mumbai. The promotions of the movie took place during Daagdi Chaawl poster 04Ganesh Festival at various Ganesh Pandals, also on TV channels and social media. It had generated curious interest in viewers mind with its witty dialogues like, जयशंभूनारायण‬, चुकीला माफी नाही‬. It is a perfect underworld Action drama to be enjoyed with your favourite popcorn.

The story is told from the point of view our hero Surya (Ankush Choudhary) and leaves no scope for any other angle. Daddy’s character based on Underworld Don Arun Gawli is negative but not villainous. Underworld shown is realistic and the politics of power in underworld and police department is little overstated. Watch this movie if you are Ankush Choudhary and action film fan.


Daagdi Chaawl is the story of Suryakant Shinde aka Surya (Ankush Choudhary), who is simple and courageous. He is a son of a constable and lives in a chaawl. After completing his education from ITI is starts working in a garage. During Holi festival he meets Sonal (Pooja Sawant) and falls for her immediately. Love blooms and they start dating each other. (Dhaga Dhaga song)

Daagdi Chaawl poster 05But Surya’s life take a 360 degree turn when he slaps a goon for misbehaving with Pooja. The goons turns out to be from Daagdi Chaawl and the leader of these goons Chandu mama (Sanjay Khapre) threatens Surya with his life.

Will Surya survive the gang? Will he be able to save his family from these gangs? Will he prove his innocence to police and Daddy? Or will he be dragged unknowingly into the gang and gang-war? The rest of the story takes pace and ends with lots of twist, turns and surprises.


It’s all the way Ankush Choudhary written all over the movie. His transformation from a lover boy to an action hero is exhilarating to watch. He has played different characters in his last 2 movies ‘Classmates’ and ‘Double Seat’ and this one goes much further with shades of good acting and action.

Daagdi Chaawl poster 16Makarand Deshpande is a veteran actor and it shows in his portrayal of Daddy. He does not have any villainous dialogues or acts, but still leave impact with just his presence. Pooja Sawant does not have much to offer in a male-dominated movie, though she looks pretty. Sanjay Khapre, Kamlesh Sawant as inspector play negative characters very well. Yatin Karyekar and rest of the supporting cast chips in well. Special mention to Barkya, a friend of Surya is hilarious in 3-4 scenes offered to him.


Chandrakant Kanse has handled the direction with lots of maturity with firm focus on story. The pace of the screenplay is good and the duration is kept little less than 2 hours. Dialogues are the strong point of the movie. Music department got only 2 songs and it excels in both. Editing is sharp, but the scene transitions has blackouts at many places all over movie, if it could have avoided the movie would had been much sleeker.

Camera work by Aniket Khandagale is appreciable. Special mention goes to the Art Director Manohar Patil for constructing the 1996 era perfectly, with the PCOs, phones, cars and other production details. Action scenes are fit for Cinema excitement. Daddy’s makeup and overall makeup department is good.


Daagdi Chaawl is a must watch for every Ankush Choudhary and action-movie fan. It is a commercial entertainer and excels in every department. It has tough competition from the Bollywood and Hollywood movies this week, but Marathi Movies has created a niche of their own and should excel commercially too. Since Daagdi Chaawl is well marketed, it should be a box-office hit.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Daagdi Chaawl poster 08Movie: Daagdi Chaawl
Producer: Amol Kale, Suresh Sawant
Director: Chandrakant Kanse
Banner: Manglmurti films, Sai Pooja Films & Entertainments
Cast: Ankush Choudhary, Makarand Deshpande, Pooja Sawant, Kamlesh Sawant, Sanjay Khapre and Yatin Karyekar
Writer: Ajay Tamhane, Pravin Kamle
Music: Amitraj
DOP: Aniket Khandagale
Art Director: Manohar Patil
Genre: Romantic, Action-Drama
Release Date: 2 Oct 2015
Duration: 2 Hours

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