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Viewers watch Marathi movies for it's content and when the film has strong backing of national awards and state awards then it becomes the most awaited film.

Khwada is one such movie which was only screened at film festivals and won 2 national awards, ‘Special Jury Mention’ and ‘Sync Sound’. This film has also won 5 state awards for Best Debut Film Production, Best Rural Film, Best Costume Design, Best Rural Director and Best Make-Up. In 2015’s edition of Pune International Film Festival, Karhade won the award as Best Director. The film also won Best Film, Best Director, Best Debutant Actor, and Best Actor in a Negative Role at Prabhat Film Awards this year

Khwada which means obstacle, is a story about shepherds who suffer from land acquisition by the forest department and how their dreams of a settlement get shattered by different obstacles, leading them to migrate permanently.

This movie is in news also for it's difficulty in making. Bhaurao Karhade is a farmer's son from a small village Gawhanewadi in Ahmednagar district. The inspiration of the story came from watching the shepherd community in his village. Bhaurao completed the story and screenplay in 2012, but he failed to find producers for his film. He convinced his brother and mother to sell a part of their land to fund his project. However, when he began shooting the film in May 2013, he ran out of finances. Karhade then sold off another piece of land and borrowed money from others and resumed the shoot. Other than Shashank Shende and Anil Nagarkar, all actors are first timers.

“When the film received the best director award at the Pune International Film Festival, I was confident that Khwada is in for further recognition. I am so happy that my conviction and my hardwork has finally paid,” says Karhade.

Director: Bhaurao Karhade
Producer: Vitthal Karhade
Co-Producer: Chandrakant Raut
Exicutive Producer: Mangesh Jondhale
Sound: Mahavir Sabannavar
Art Ditector: Sandeep Inamake
Cinematographer: Veerdhaval Patil
Music: Rohit Nagbhide
Cast: Shashank Shende, Bhausaheb Shinde, Anil Nagarkar, Yogesh Dimble, Rasika Chavhan, Vaishnavi Dhore, Chandrakant Dhumal, Prashant Ingle, Vaishali Kendale, Amol Thorat, Nana More, Hemant Kadam and Surekha

We are awaiting this movie in theatres, do watch it's teaser for now.

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