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Superstar Ankush Chaudhari is known to do something different and unique in all his films. Now Ankush Chaudhari has confirmed that his upcoming movie ‘Deva' will show him in a completely new avatar. For die-hard fans who watch his every move, Ankush manages to start a new style trend every time.

His new look in Deva has been getting viral on social media. Colorful shirt, fancy locket, bracelets in hand, modern earings, V shape haircut is a first look of Deva. Apart from all this above eccentricity, that charming smile on his face remains same. Needless to say we love this look. This look is driving his fans crazy.

Presented by Innovative Films and Pramod Films Productions, ‘Deva’ is directed by South Indian Director Murli Nalappa. It is a remake of 2015 superhit Malayalam film Charlie. Deva is currently being shot at virgin locations of Konkan.

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